9 OC- Moirae Picture

"Well, the Thread has already told me that your fate is sealed."

Name/Number: Moirae
Age: Older than you know.
Weapon: ...Her Thread...?
Abilities: Much to her namesake, her thread is the main source of her power, so she can see the lifespan of other stitchpunks. Plus she is an exceptional medic.
Theme Song: "Hello Fascination" Breath Carolina
Bio: Her creator, Phoebe Ludwig, was a famous mythologist before the war. Her specialty has always been Greek mythology. When the war started, there wasn't much use for a "fable- teller, so she worked as an informant for the rebels- She didn't trust the Chancellor if he gave her all the funding for her profession in the world. When the war was at it's inevitable end, the Scientist trusted her enough to give her the blueprints for a Stitchpunk.

Even if she didn't follow the blueprint exactly.

Moirae got her name from the mythical "Sisters of Fate" in Greek mythology, But instead of choosing the names Clotho, Lachesis or Atropos, Phoebe decided to give her the name of what they are called as one, Moirae.

When she was born, almost as quickly she was set off into the world alone. None trusted young Moirae's appearance- The Sanctuary even called her "The New Seamstress". Obviously feeling distrusted, she went off on her own again, this time finding a small textile shop to settle in. It was her very own 'Sanctuary'. Over the Years, mainly due to her distance to others, she's grown powers- she can read the thread. Like her namesake, she can read the lifespan of other stitchpunks and determine the destiny of them, though she cannot kill them.

If anyone's brave enough to even get close to her, she won't be afraid to share some tales. If you're injured, she'll help you, if you need shelter, she'll help you, but if you mock her and what she believes, she will choke you.

She loves thread, fabric, or any type of cloth. She also loves mythology, as her Creator did, and isn't afraid to tell others stories such as those of Greek myth. She's kinda enthusiastic about it, so expect her to go on and on about it.


You'd think- After not having Internet access for four days, I'd draw something more... Cooler. But I had her in my head for so long... I had to put her up someday.

Moirae- Me
9- Shane Acker
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