The 3 Fates: take 2 Picture

so, awhile back i had to do this project involving gods and goddesses from other places. it was a mythology class afterall. anyways, for extra credit, i did 2 of the three projects; i made my own story and did a bunch of drawings/profiles for gods/esses. one pic, coz i really liked em, and it didnt matter, was the 3 fates. i really liked their names, and the whole idea of em. so i doodled em. then, when i finally got my binder the project was in, i decided i wanted to redraw them. thus, this picture!!! XD
arent they so pretty???
so we have clotho, who holds all the string... ok, our lives. then lachesis strings out how long we live. finally, atropos cuts it off and we die. lmao something like that, atleast. it has been awhile. ^^
btw atropos has some weird cool scissor things i made out for her. i thought it was cooler then normal ones. XB

drawing (c) ME
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