McB-The Weird Sisters Picture

For my costume design class last year, I had to make a new concept and design five characters (or character groups, like the witches) based on that concept for Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I had a lot of fun with it, and went all-out. Concept below:

Idea: Corporate Eccentricity
Time Period: Modern
Setting: Fantasy Corporate Underground

Concept: When people gain power, and money, and fame, their latent quirks begin to unfold. Obsessions, ambitions, and strange fantasies take hold. Enter the corporate underground, where the rich begin to build their own kingdom of eccentricity. Money breeds indulgence. It is a world of violence and sexuality, where they’ll have your head on a plate, and consider you a delicacy. Beauty is a distorted flash of color, shine, and the blood of the poor and the unfortunate. Manipulation and brute force are virtues.

The Weird Sisters (Witches)

Modeled after the Greek mythological Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos own a tailoring shop that Macbeth and Banquo visit after their hear about the “special services” the sisters offer. Hiding under black cloaks when they first appear, the witches seem to be mysterious hags, but when they reveal that within the confines of their little tailoring shop lies a brothel, they cast their cloaks aside to reveal their true selves: crafty and manipulative seductresses with an almost magical flair.

These three ladies took me the longest to do, and are my favorites of the bunch. My female fanservice characters, by far (the Tribal Opiate Bondage Banquo was the male). I love their concept, too.

The Set:
Duncan: [link]
Lady Macbeth: [link]
Macbeth: [link]
Banquo: [link]
The Weird Sisters: [link]
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