Morta Picture

"Dear Atropos..."

Atropos, or Morta in Roman mythology, is one of the three Fates, or the Moraie from Greek mythology.
-Clotho spins the thread of life from the cosmic forces.
-Lachesis measures the tread of life and assigns each man his destiny.
-Atropos, the smallest in stature, but the most terrible, cuts the thread of life with the abhorred shears.

Lachesis measures the thread of a persons life just three short days after they are born (or so it says in some versions).
And Atropos is the one who uses her dreaded shears to cut that thread, and so ending that person's life.
We do not know how long or short our threads have been measured, and therefore Lachesis would not come to our modern minds, nor would her sister Clotho.
But we do wonder, especially in times when we are hanging by a thread, whether we will live or die.
And if our string will be cut.
It is Atropos we think of, only, she is to us changed from a crone to a tall, dark robed figure who holds a scythe instead of shears.

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