Moirai Picture

The Greek mythology "Moirai", also known as "the Fates" ("Parcae" for the Romans) are the personifications of Destiny, represented by three sisters who have total control over our "thread of life". They are feared and respected by all the gods (though some people feared them so much they said Zeus was slightly more powerful than them hehehe... fools), and there are many different theories about their parentage, some of them making them the daughters of Ananke, "Necessity", or Nyx, "Night".

From left to right they are:
Clotho (Cloto), the "spinner": spins the thread of life onto her spindle. She represents the beginning of life.
Lachesis (Láquesis), the "disposer":measures the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod. In one of my books she also decides if the life of the person she's measuring will have happy moments or painful ones, and she adds golden threads to the main one.
Atropos (Átropos=, "unturnable, inevitable": finally, this Moirai represents death and she's the cutter of the thread of life. Her shears were feared and called "abhorred", but they were also golden ones
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