Greek Mythology Family Tree Picture

Seeing as I was getting confused myself, I thought it best to provide a family tree for the benefit of the readers of "Di Immortales," my upcoming comic.

This is the barest of the bare, really. Like... skeletal. There are probably hundreds of Greek gods, but I included only those that would most likely appear in the comic. Minor beings (Leto, Maia, Cadmus, etc) are not important and are only there for the sake of family ties.

This tree does not include the Moriae(Fates) - Atropis, Clotho and Lachesis - because they are older than Ouranos and Gaia and I didn't want to extend the tree farther than necessary. :/

To view a really big and maddeningly confusing Mythology tree, look at this: [link] NOTE: the exact structure of the Mythology tree is not known because some of the gods' creations are unclear, ex: Aphrodite was either born as a daughter of Zeus, or she sprang into being from sea foam. I did my best and chose the structure that would work smoothly with my plot.

Art by ~Caliber13
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