Clotho Picture

For *EliteArtists's "The Norns" Contest.

The Norns/Fates were three mythological sisters who controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal and immortal from birth to death, and beyond.

Clotho was the youngest of the Norns. Her job was to spin the thread of life of every human and god.

The other two Fates were Atropos (who decided how the person would die and then cut the thread) and Lachesis (who would measure each thread and decide on how long a person had to live).

I showed Clotho as being in the sky, since it is where I pictured the three Fates residing. The earth and the moon are underneath her to show her importance. Many threads are attached to her arm and hand. Some threads are much longer and some shorter, depending on the age of the person it represents. Every thread with a star shows that a person's life is coming to the end. And once Atropos (the oldest of the Fates) cuts the thread, the star becomes part of the sky.

Stock&Brushes used:
my own...

Historical Reference:
Encarta Encyclopedia
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