OBEY the PAW... Picture

A picture of my evil furball...
Her name is Circe (Sir-See) after a witch in Mythology...
She is a polydactyl, which means she has "extra toes"

Circe's Bio
Name: Circe Juliette Wall
Age: 2.5 years old
Weight: 12 pounds (6 of those pounds being my extra toes)
Height: Bigger than the 2 dumb weenie dogs I let share the house.
Hair Color: Beautiful orange and gold, with white mixed in...
Eye Color: Green...although when I am pissed...possibly red...

Hobbies: Beating up the "weenies", Attacking people, Eating, Sleeping
anywhere I want, biting my humans, catching some rays, and playing
with my "woobie."

Siblings: I share the house with 1 Brother (An obnoxious red weenie dog)
by the name of Duncan. And 1 Sister ( A lazy black and tan weenie dog)
by the name of Peanut.

Nicknames: I have many....Mutant, Evil, Circible, IT, Demon kitty,
and much to my horror--"boo boo" kitty. *rolling eyes*

Title: Queen of the house, Her Royal Pain, Furball of the castle

Rules of my kingdom: They are very simple. Follow them and nobody gets hurt.
1. If I want it--It's MINE.
2. If I don't want it--It's still MINE.
3. Never wake me when I am slumbering.
4. Dogs will stay clear of me at all times.
5. Humans will obey my every command.
6. If you tease me, wake me, forget to feed me, or ignore me--I will make you PAY.
7. Never talk to me in cutsie baby talk--or I will have to kill you.
8. I demand your attention at ALL times.
9. Steal my woobie--and you will die.
10. Always...ALWAYS, obey the PAW.
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