My custom characters Picture

Here are some characters I made up for a story I made up. I couldn't fit it all on one scanner so it's a little messed up. The characters I made up are: Avion, Alleea, Karma, Buck, Isiria, Kelp, Ziros, Apalla, Dian, Alice and Claria. Brokk, Circe and Reginleif are from mythology (Circe from Greek, Brokk and Reginleif from Nordic). This is the worst drawing of these people that I'll probobly ever show in public and only because all the main characters are there. Please remember this was my first atempt at drawing for years and it's the first pic I've ever uploaded to a computer. If you would like to try and redraw one of these people, please e-mail me at [email protected]
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