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<edit2> [link] <-- See that? yeah. That, right there, is why Rokii is the artist. And I am only the writer. 8D 'Cause... yeah. I hate this picture *points up* It's ikcy. <3 </edit2>

<edit> Download for full view, and aslooo... oh yeah. A couple things:
A) In "Likes", I wrote "track", and that's "track" as in "track and field." He's a runner 8P And a damn good one at that. XD The minute he found out that there was a sport that involved, essentially, learning how to run away from things, he joined 8D He's... ehhhm, got an interesting backround, let's just say XD; Quite the interesting kid. Anyway...
B) I cut down the "Dislikes" category quite a bit... XD; But on my origional draft they took up nearly half the page, so I kind of had to 8D; But they were funny. >3> It was difficult cutting them. Ohwell.
C) Sorryyyy, I went a bit highlight-crazy 8D; 'Specialy on the shirts. XD; But oh well. I was... experimenting? D8 *bad excuse* But I was, lol XD Whatever. It looks terrible but then again I wasn't really trying, was I? 8D
E) Yes, that's supposed to be a Thor's Hammer pendant D8 I just suck and can't do Mjolnir any justice. </3 (Excuse me if I spelled that incorrectly XD; There are so many spellings... X__x') Ummm, but if you're curious, I found a Wikipedia article that talks about Thor's Hammer... you can also find other information in other places, of course, but it's a start: [link]
Uhh I think that's it XD </edit>

A bit bigger than normal, just in case the text got too small to read. 8P

Yes, Ben's a homophobe. >__>; What of it? It's DIFFICULT for me to have a just... regular straight person. D8 Why can't there be a reason behind it? But anyway, he's a homophobe in a very litteral sense. He's terrified of them. And emos. XD Becasue of stuff that happened that I don't feel like explaining 8P *is lazy*

Umm... yeah. XD; Sorry, ~halfdemondog, that this took me so long to get up... but I did the flatcolor and then something unbearable urged me to shade his skin D8 Then, naturually, I had to shade his clothing.... >__>; I didn't shade his hair becaues I didn't feel like putting any effort into that. XD I'm still not quite sure how to do that, anyway...

Ummm.. yeah. XD I dunno. I like how I coloured his pants... 8D <3 (I just noticed that sometimes I spell "color" and sometimes I spell "colour" 8D It's wierd. anyway...) also I like his lips =3 I drew them differently this time, I think....


8D; Yeaaahhh. If you've got any questions, ask... ? XD;

Ben Federman © ~Aleiki and (I think) ~halfdemondog

<edit>Umm, kay, so I realized that I forgot to mention any skills that Ben had. So this bit is REALLY IMPORTANT, GAIS D8

Keep in mind when you read these that Ben has a very strong subconscience so he tends to be able to do pretty much anything if he needs to strongly enough and if he works on those skills.
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