The Bad Hatter Picture

This took me a whopping 6 minutes to draw. Ooooh. I thought my hand would die! :
This is a character from one of my Alice parodies. comeone, these days everyone has their own version of Wonderland. I have 2. The other focuses on Asian & Greek mythological characters, but this one focuses on societal taboos. I love taboo subjects; they're so much more exciting.

This one has 2 mad hatters. This is the messed-up brother. He's like Akabane from GetBackers, Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter, & Muraki from Yami no Matsuei. His brother is a lot like Ginta from Kyou Kara Maou!, Xellos from Slayers, & the Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka rolled into one.

He's younger than his bro, but looks older & is taller. He's also a super pervert & flirts with anything male, regardless of oldness, youth, being blood related, etc. He actually enjoys being hit & will provoke anyone into a fight. He has bizzare taste in food & is immune to poison.

Perhaps I'll color it latter. He'll have yellow eyes & the letters on the card in his hat brim are blood red. Without color, it's a bit hard to tell that the things in his lips are studs & piercings. Think I'll make his suit grey & his hair auburn, or a green suit...he'd look too much like a leprichaun, but it would go with the Kappa/Erogappa joke.
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Edit: There are 3 pictures of him annoying the snot out of his foxy brother in my gallery. & a pic of his bro in a snowhat. I plan to upgrade this pic.

This picture has been remade & colored here: [link]
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