serious case of Frost Bite... Picture

Name: Frost Bite/Frost
Age: 45 yrs. old
Gender: Male (All Sirens are)
Species: Siren [link]
Height: 5’5 at withers
Weight: 780 lbs.
Build: very bulky, very muscular
Skull: Ram-Dragon-Insect thing
Sires: Merlin and Typhon
Owners: Me (in fiction, not reality)
Mate: Rebellion (also closest friend) [link]
Sexuality: 80% Uke
Personality: He is the shyest siren you might meet, he usually has his tail between his legs when around an unfamiliar person, however he does love watching TV, usually comedies and carton stuff. He loves drink blood from blood bags he even drinks more than Reb. You can say his the siren version of Scooby-Doo. He is very comfortable when with me or Reb, they are very close to each other, they always enjoy each other’s company and have each other’s back. He never likes to be with humans for very long, excluding people he trusts. He is also psychotic, a little bit.
HISTORY: HE was born on Circes’ Island, Aeaea, and Sired by Merlin and Typhon, two of Circes’ First Sirens; He was trained at an early age to be a heartless, emotionless beast, like his Fathers, before they met each other. It succeeded, He became the Plague of the Land, having a cold-heart, something as cold as Ice, being named “Gelú nex” (Latin for “Frost death”). After years of servitude, Circes decided to give him the Spell that kept his Parents at a youthful age. However the side-effect was that he’ll die at his 4050th birthday, like Reb. He had a soul that cannot be saved from darkness. Until, one day when he was doing his regular runs of killing pure virgin maidens for blood, he came across a small child crying for she knew what would happen to her next, the innocence of the child gave him a jolt of guilt, for the first time in a long while, he felt his soul, his conscience, his heart. After feeling guilty he ran away from the island, coming across our shores, so coincidental. He was later captured by the local animal control and was scheduled to be euthanized and examined via ripping limb from limb. I watched the news when I saw their main news of a so-called “Aswang” (Native mythological vampire eating a person’s organ), the first time I saw him I knew immediately knew it was a Siren, and asked help from “somebody”. It was tricky but we succeeded, he was totally weary of us. Almost ripped my arm of when I tried to spruce up some injuries, good thing Reb was there, since then it has been love at first sight for them, after a while he finally accepted me as his friend, not threat. He develop his shyness from his fear of hurting innocent people, he may have a long story before he’ll overcome this but ‘til then I’ll be more than happy to keeping him company.
THNK U, Schadenfruede [link] for creating a great creatures, Sirens ROCK!!!!!!!!
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