Circe Indiviosa Picture

Copyright John William Waterhouse the Magnificent

A child of the sea, and the sunlight to men...
She comes to you with a glow within
"A form of grace and beauty rare, "
A singing nymph with sun-bright hair"
Her eyes the color of the azure sea..
But watch closely and you shall see,
How her eyes shall mirror these:
The seas, the storms, the noon sky so bright
The iris, and the new dawn's light,
The hearts of men, whose souls they bare,
When in her company, they do share.
Endless treasures and gifts so rare...
With magic kiss upon your brow,
She seeks to cure your troubles
And if perchance you would allow,
A healing she would render.
O! Harried , weary seekers!
Rest easy in her care!
For she may cure your troubles
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