Circe's Dance Picture

Hi - first in a series I'm doing based on classic mythology/pre-raphaelite subjects. This is Circe's Dance and she is floating above the magic circle she's drawn - small stones are also caught up in her magic and spiraling around her.
Lighting: Not exactly sure - I think from below lit by the magic circle - also I possibly see a central "beam" of light surrounding her so maybe try light from below and then light from above?
Pose: Slightly elevated (like on a chair) and taken from low angle? Relaxed but toes pointed if possible? Arms and fingers slightly spread - lines of "magic energy" willcome from fingertips to ground.
Position: Slightly rotated but not full 3/4? But maybe take a few from different angles?
Well, that's a lot I know - basically describes the sketch. Thanks so much for considering doing this - I haven't found any other models on DA that are quite right. don't mean to "art direct" the shot but wanted to let you know what I was thinking.

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