Scylla Girl Picture

Because I'm not a Monster Girl Specialist if I can't draw Monster Girls!

Scylla <Skee-Lah>

Monster type: Aquatic; Cephalopod

A marine monster with the upper body of a human female and the lower body of an octopus, she is best known from mythological excerpts as the hunting partner of the Leviathan-type monster Charybdis. When she is hungry, she lurks among a shoal of rocks waiting for sailors who flee from Charybdis and, with her many limbs, snatches them up and devours them. When he is not particularly hungry, she spreads out her arms and intimidates sailors, causing them to flee into open waters, making them sitting ducks waiting for Charybdis. Her diet consists of fish, crustaceans and occasionally, human flesh. She has a strong aversion to urchins as her lower half is particularly susceptible to poison. With this in mind, it is important to wear spiky or barbed armor if one wishes to fight and kill a Scylla.
Scylla is said to have been once a nymph. Her current monstrous form was allegedly caused when the witch Circe poisoned the spring she regularly bathed in. What should have killed any normal human, turned her into what she is today.

-Reproductive behaviors-
The Scylla has similar reproductive organs to a human female but instead of being found below the navel, they are found on her underside, surrounded by the base of her many arms. A man unlucky (or perverted) enough to be caught be her is constricted on all sides by tentacles and forced to mate with her. If the man caught has semen of high quality, he is kept by the monster and shared among her fellow Scyllas. This resulting orgy is usually enough to kill a man, both by fatigue and asphyxiation.

The Scylla girl is not a mammal and therefore has no need for large mammary glands. A full grown specimen may have the appearance of a flat-chested human teenager as this helps them move smoothly underwater.
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