Circe Picture

"When they reached Circe's house they found it built of cut stones,
on a site that could be seen from far, in the middle of the forest.
There were wild mountain wolves and lions prowling all round it- poor
bewitched creatures whom she had tamed by her enchantments and drugged
into subjection. They did not attack my men, but wagged their great
tails, fawned upon them, and rubbed their noses lovingly against them.
As hounds crowd round their master when they see him coming from dinner-
for they know he will bring them something- even so did these wolves
and lions with their great claws fawn upon my men, but the men were
terribly frightened at seeing such strange creatures. Presently they
reached the gates of the goddess's house, and as they stood there
they could hear Circe within, singing most beautifully as she worked
at her loom, making a web so fine, so soft, and of such dazzling colours
as no one but a goddess could weave. On this Polites, whom I valued
and trusted more than any other of my men, said, 'There is some one
inside working at a loom and singing most beautifully; the whole place
resounds with it, let us call her and see whether she is woman or
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