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Got the shading done, enjoy!

Have some Vampire! Noex! Done while listening to Still Doll from Vampire Knight.

Crappy little back story is as GOES:

Van Kleiss, while also a nanite vampire (HE IS, YOU KNOW IT.) is also a REAL vampire. Not a shiny one. A REAL ONE. After failing to lure Rex in with Circe he has The Pack kidnap Noah, knowing that Rex would come after him. On the way to Abysus how ever (as Breach is\WAS kinda MIA) Noah struggles too much and Skallamander brains him to knock him out. Only it's not a good idea to smack a poor human in the head with a rock-hand. The Pack bring manage to get Noah to Van Kleiss before he's completely dead and the flying whale pedo man turns him, as a dead hostage isn't really useful and he kinda wants Rex to trust him.

Vampire mythology is so fun because there's so many different ways for it to work. In this verse a newborn vampy isn't quite sane until they reach the fledgling stage, which can take anywhere from a couple months to a year. I mean, they just DIED for pete's sake. That'd mess with anyone's head. Van Kleiss isn't pleased that he now has a new-born vampire to take care of, but takes advantage of said-new born's dependence and devotion to brain wash him into REAL loyalty.

After a few weeks Noah just vanishes from Abysus, causing Van Keliss to freak all kinds of out, because of aforementioned lack of sanity and omigosh his baby is gone(the Newborn\Sire bond goes both ways until the little vampy is able to take care of themselves)!

Meanwhile Noah has made his way back to Rex, who is delighted to see him alive...until his undead buddy attacks and turns him. Not really expecting to be nom'd on, Rex goes down easy. Noah meets The Pack, who were sent to search for him, half way back to Abysus with a recently turned Rex.

Upon returning to Abysus, Noah presents Rex (whose still kinda out of it) to Van Kliess, and didn't he do such a good job master*hearts and sparkles*?!

Van Kleiss face palms, but hey everything worked out in the end right?
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