Cirque: Pre-Mortem Picture

This is Cirque, an oldish saluki character of mine. Well, this is him when he was alive, anyway. His design has changed quite a bit from pre-mortem to post-mortem. He has always been super grumpy, though. This was actually his original design, from back when he was just a cute lil' canine I used to doodle. Then I started adding accessories, tweaking his design, and fleshing out the character until I created his newest design, which is his post-mortem one. He's actually one of my favorite characters now. Oh, and heres a fun fact: his original name was actually Circe, a name taken from a jealous witch in Greek mythology, but I decided to change it to Cirque. I still accidentally call him Circe from time to time.
Here is a pic of undead Cirque: Cirque: Post-Mortem

ballpoint pen, GIMP

art, character©me
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