Medea Picture

I was on this website, [link]
And I'm totally addicted! lol
I decided to do a series on the top fermale Olympians from Greek Mythology.

This is Medea. Okay, so no, she's not a goddess, she's mortal. But she is the niece of the minor goddess, Circe, and therefore shares her talent for magic. She's also the Princess of Colchis. She was in love with a man named Jason from the myth of "Jason and the Argonauts," and they ended up married, and even had two boys, Mermeros and Pheres. But Jason ended up leaving her for a younger woman (I know.) She lives the rest of her days getting revenge on Jason, and later in her life, she ended up becoming a Goddess and ascending Mount Olympus in a chariot drawn by dragon looking like a hag. It's so sad, but it's a great story to listen to/read about.

The pink symbolizes her love for Jason, the light (the pure and happy love from the beginning) and the dark (the scorn she felt after he left) and she was described as having dark and exotic features.
I hope you like it!
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