Magical Bestiary Picture

A bestiary, with magical creatures you may not know.

1- a lympago, an Indian horned tiger-person, originated by the legends of men who could turn into tigers.
2- Pig dragon, a pig-faced lung.
3- a nix, water nymph who seducts men and drowns them.
4- Haa... I don't know what that is, it's a sword-nosed fish I saw in a map.
5- Lamassu, persian male sphynxes
6- a lung, a chinese dragon, in this case, the Yellow Dragon.
7- a kallikantzaros, a greek centauroid goblin
8- Bugbear, a bear-like hobgoblin that likes punishing evil children
9- Tsuchinoko, a Japanese Doraemon-faced worm
10- Abraxas, a chicken-like demon
11- a leocruta, very fast animals, close with the crocutas
12- Scylla, a Greek nymph that ws turned by the Sorceress Circe into a man-eating monster with 6 dog heads.
13- Kanko, or Pipe-fox, a Japanese fox-like creature that knows all
14- Ahool, a primate-like bat
15- Baku, the Japanese half-lion half-cow creature that eats nightmares, turning them into good dreams.

I'll do more bestiaries with more creatures. Right now I'm working in one with deities.
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