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Here is a saggy breasted Scylla to make up for those horribly deformed looking birds I posted.
Scylla is probably among my favorite Greek monsters. I mean, nothing can beat a ring of snarling dogs around the waist. Srsly.
So yeah. Scylla inhabited a narrow channel of water where she busted up all these ships that came through, along with Charybdis the whirlpool (making a nice little cameo in the background thar.) It was pretty much impossible to navigate this channel successfully, but guess who did? If you guessed Bill Nye, YOU ARE WRONG. It was Odysseus, again. He chose to sail closer to Scylla and managed to make it through just barely, though some of his men were eeeeaten aliiiiiiiiiive.

As for how Scylla came to be... She used to be a nice little nymph and Glaucus (fishermanseagodguy) fell in lerrrv with her. But Scylla was like WTF cause Glaucus had the lower portions of a fish. So she ran, and she ran far away. Glaucus became emo and went to Circe, a witch, for help. But Circe ended up falling in love with Glaucus and wanted his bod real bad. So Glaucus goes WTF NO THX I LUV SKYLLAR and leaves. Circe, in her anger, went to the pond that Scylla bathed in and poured poison into the water. You can guess what happens next: Scylla bathes in it and is suddenly changed into this HIDEOUS MONSTER WITH VARICOSE VEIN TITTIES AND A HUNGER FOR DIRTY MEN. So she's all DO NOT WANT and stuff and runs to this strait and chills with Charybdis for a few centuries.

I think Pirates of the Caribbean 3 should have some Scylla in it. FA SHO.

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Hahaha emo head.

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