Lilith Profile Picture

Here's another profile for a villain from my "Femmes Fatales" series.

As I said on my piece for Circe, there are a few villains within my series which are not original creations but are taken from mythology and religion. Lilith is another one of those figures. She's one I've been fascinated by for quite some time especially the angle that she's Adam's first wife according to some doctrines. The whole children eating witch thing aside (she gets demonized by some), I do find there's an interesting feminist undercurrent to her. In terms of the role she has in "Femmes Fatales," she appears rather mysteriously and her motives remain fairly hidden. She's a highly performative character whose witchcraft enables her to really become a bit of a chameleon. She has quite a few interactions with Tai and Melissa as well. She uses them mostly to try and manipulate them into helping her.

When it came to coming up with a visual for Lilith, I knew I wanted to base her off of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "Lady Lilith" painting. As such, she's got the long red hair and that was in part what inspired me to give her hair supernatural abilities. For Victorians, long hair signified sensuality and was treated as being dangerous. A femme fatale would have long hair. The idea of Lilith as a snake charmer is also taken from traditional paintings of her. The thing which really proved difficult was the clothes. I didn't want to put her in a dress since it would make her similar to Circe. As such, I came up with this dominatrix-inspired look. I also took a cue from Madonna with the fishnets, boots and bustier. It's kind of cone bra-ish. XD Enjoy!

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