DDS-like Beastie: Iravati Picture

I was inspired to draw this yesterday by three things:
One, someone I kind of know showed us a monster she drew. It was a wolf-type creature, and it had it's mouth in it's belly...
Second, I started doodling circlies out of boredom and came up with some sort of swirly quadruped thing...
Third, I was thinkin' if I should play DDSAT 2 again I miss Digital Devil Saga a lot, y'know? ;-;
And so I drew/finished Iravati today
In Hindu mythology, Iravati is the mother of the white Elephant, Airavata, that Indra rides around on. She is also associated to a sacred river too...
I know this Iravati isn't an elephant or anything like that... But I liked the name real well Plus, whenever you make an eyeless, DDS-like demon, it's gotta have a Hindu name
I like Iravati's feets They remind me of Vayu's suction-cup-lookin' toes I love Vayu's toes~!
And the whole design of Iravati reminds me of Framfrit from FFXII and FF Tactics: Advance... Also, this Iravati seems water-related, like Famfrit, to me.
Don't you agree?
I didn't copy nuthin' but I sure think Iravati looks that way
Hanyway, I'm in love with this... this thing, this beastie Hope yuh like~!
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