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Yes Cold. Now reapers will hate the shit out of you, that just perfect. For the record, there's a whole family of them out there, isn't it just GREAT?!

LOL. Yay~! Cold's bio is finished! and he is doing the gayest pose EVER

Well, meet officially Cold Mancer, Son of the Necromancer.
He is also kind of a hybrid, because his mom is a Cyromancer (Or ice witch, I prefer to call her cyromancer xD)

Necromancers are not exactly monsters, they were witches and magicians capable of controling magic based in death, such as talking with the undead about the future or acquiring knowledge or even summoning spirits, also it's said they could summon them even with their deceased bodies. Yeah, like zombies ;D

They also appear in several tales and mythology. For example, Homer in Homer's Odyssey, he meets a powerful sorceress called Circe, which helps him get in the underwolrd by teaching him necromancy spells. Even Egyptians, Romans and Babylonians had records of necromancy practicing.

And of course, in the middle age, they were hated by people accused of witchcraft and black magic~! So obviously most of people accused of it were killed, yay!
Just like monsters... HA.

So yeah. That's about why I choosed a necromancer, they are interesting x'D

Now, about just Cold: he is a total jerk. But don't let his mean attitude misjudge him. He's a actually a caring and responsible manster. The only bad thing is he has lived "things" which led him to behave they way he does.
Not emo-depressing things, just teenager stuff

And, as you can see, he's pretty antisocial... just look how many friends he has lol. Poor forever alone Cold :'c

And yeah, I think that's all for him~! He needed a bit of explanation because Necromancers are not that famous as Banshees x'D (Or that's what I think ó_o)

Thanks for reading and hope you like him~!


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