Circe Picture

I was on this website, [link]
And I'm totally addicted! lol
I decided to do a series on the top fermale Olympians from Greek Mythology.

This is Circe. Technically she is a goddess, but a minor one. She is mainly depicted a witch, or a sorceress. And not the good kind. She may be a beauty, but her heart is as dark as her intoxicating eyes. She's probably the most evil of the women in my Greek Myths series, or at least the one with the sickest sense of humor. her game is to look as hot as possible for lost and wayward sailors, and offer them food, drink, quarters, and who knows "what else." But then, when they're drunk and passed out, she uses her magic and turns them into pigs. "Why," you may ask...It's because she's living on an uncharted island, and is all by herself for most of the years, and is bored. The story is way too long for me to explain, so just read The Odyssey, and it'll be much better. lol

Most of my inspiration comes from John William Waterhouse's classic painting, "Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus." He's one of my favorite painters! lol
I think it came out pretty great. But let me know what you think too!
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