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*NOTE* I know I spelled it "elv". It's intentional. In our world of fantasy I am developing with my friend, we got both elfs and elves (elfs are what we call the small ones, life a house elf, and the more human elegant ones would be an elv). It's not our fault the english language lacks two distinguished names for them, like the swedish language has. *NOTE END*

This is my oldest, and to me my coolest villain. I developed him back when I was 12 years old (as I'm writing this, I'm 23). The reason I have never shown him before, is because I've been working on his design for so long and never been completely satisfied - until now. So that also means I have never redesigned ANY character as many times as I've redesigned him. You should've seen all the old designs of him I have - it's incredible how he has evolved. In the next column, I will give some history and info of the development.

I just called him Jake from the start. I didn't realize how inconsistent it was to call a being of elven species such a typical human name. So now recently, I decided to show "Jake" is a nickname for his actual name. At first, I named him properly just "Jakularoid". I found it a bit cheesy, and switched to the longer name "Jakularon Rhammus Karal", which I thought both sounded cool and was catchy.
From the beginning, he had the black spiky hair and the empty soulless eyes (but they where red back then). However, he looked a lot younger and weaker, and had white claws. And his skin was just meant to be pale. But after a while, I realised that demon elves needs to look different than dark elves. See, demon elves are evolved from dark elves, after getting demonic powers and more brute strength. So purple skin was what I had to choose for my completely own race. Oh, and dark elves have pupils, smaller ears and no sharp teeth. If you wonder; no, not all demon elves got spiky hair. It's just how Jake happens to look.
Who is Jake exactly? The right hand of the Devil himself (Suorian, which is another name for him according to us... no, not "Sauron" - SUORIAN). This also makes him the most powerful evil force to exist, second only to the Devil of course.
His personality? Well, he is demanding, dominating, sadistic, sarcastic, cunning, calm, bloodthirsty, a complete racist to anything but demons and demon elves, and he has a dark sense of humor he tends to use a lot in his conversations, as he really enjoys talking; but he can also be impatient when it comes to fighting someone, where he prefers less talk and more action. Also a last note; he loves the typical cliché evil laughter.
And I decided very recently to make him actually be Hades from Greek Mythology. While he was on Earth for some time, a long time ago; he did not have the nickname "Jake" - and since others found his name too cryptic, it became Hades. Yes, I suppose this also means he is a son of Chronos. It's complicated, and we're still working on it.

I could talk about Jake for hours - he is the best villain I have ever made. I absolutely love him; and I think I've finally perfected his design. Oh, and yes - I've most of the time felt the need to give the little touch of him having his "J" on his belt - I love it.
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