Meeting the Denizen Picture

I've never put art of my fantroll here before because really she's only serious about 40% of the time, but I rather liked this piece and thought it was decent enough to put up.

I was hypothesizing about what my fantroll's denizen would look like had she ever played the game (which is not likely) and ended up with this. Her denizen is Kronos (who, yes, IS a titan, not a god, but I felt he fit).

This also gave me a chance to draw a bit of her land, which was fun, but rather tedious. Her land is LOCAG, or the Land of Clocks and Glass (Formerly Clocks and Clocks, because I took it from a land test, but having both elements be clocks is a little silly).

I kind of hate how generic her horns look from the side though, ah well. (Also, she's holding a telescope, her strife specibus).

Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie.
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