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Vars has seen some awful stuff. It's not just his family's murder either. He's witnessed friends he made in his travels dying, innocents killed in wars, apocalypse after apocalypse, and the heat death of the universe. All these dramatically affected him, though he never lets it show. One day, he decided to go to therapy to unload his burden.

Whether it worked or not is a unknown. All that is known is that the session ended in bloodshed, though no one knows how this started, and that emerging from the wreckage of the building was Vars appearing as he does above.

Now, whenever Vars completely loses himself (a child dies near him or something) Tartarus has a chance to emerge. More often than not, Vars can fight it, but who knows what will happen after days without end of continuous fighting.

This is not the demon he ate emerging. In fact, how this came to happen is a mystery to Vars as well. It could be a power he inadventantly absorbed from one of his many time travelling adventures. It could be the result of the Time Stream interacting with his part demon form. It could just be the result of his demon ability to change appearance mixed with a healthy dose of insanity. Or it could be from something that happened at the therapy session that he can't remember.

In this form, Vars is pure rage. Everything around him is a target, including both friends and childern. His fire turns black and the black liquid he uses for weapons forms his wing. His hands become claws (looking just like the one on his wing), concealed by sleeves of the tattered straight-jacket that wraps over his clothes.

Tartarus is, in mythology, the hell for the gods. Worse things await those who go there than Hades could ever do. That is where this creature got its name from. His flames don't kill, only cause pain (though if the body becomes overloaded by it, the victim will die). His strength is increased to the point that a punch will tear apart a tank.

He is not invincible in this mode though. He cannot use any of his powers except fire, and the range of that is cut down to a 3 yard radius. Even then, he only uses the fire if he is particularly focused on a single target (and he has the attention span of a ADD kid on pure sugar in this form, only focusing if he's really interested in something). His straight jacket interfers with his movements as well as sometimes catching on his claws. His regeneration is cut in half as well, making him more vulnerable to attacks. He still cannot fly with the wing. Vars is also still fighting inside of Tartarus and if Tartarus ever drops his guard, Vars will take over again. Transforming back, Vars is incredibly vulnerable as his mind is settling back in (the process can take 5-30 secs depending on how long Tartarus was in control).

Ok, now for my notes here. Originally, I had Vars' breakdown just be him attacking and talking with a wierd font, but I didn't think that would translate well enough. So Tartarus is my answer to that. I don't plan on using him for awhile in the Civil War, but I get in and my opponent likes this I've got no problem with them using it. One thing to not is that the yellow iris that appears in this form is the first sign that emerges. At this point, he can still fight it but any other changes (straightjacket, wing, claws, mess of hair, etc.) means he's gone full Tartarus. Also, he's pretty much a sadist in this form. Sure he'll kill, but he really wants to cause pain (for example, if he's decided on killing someone but still wants more pain, he'll rip off their arm and beat them to death with it while making sure that he's only using enough force with each swing). For every kill though, there's a chance that he'll turn back into Vars while every torture extends his time. Also, he doesn't fear water in this form.

I'm working on the audition, but I've got a bit of trouble with a certain panel, so don't expect it to be up this week.

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