It's all Sun From Here on Out Picture

Yes, that is a song me and my dad wrote. Well, I wrote the words, he thought up a melody. . . yay. Father dughter love.

Anyway, Link being his usual farmer self. Aru will do everything else, all he has to do is watch the sheep. Lazy bum XD

I always wonder if the people in the Bible, Mythology, etc, that make shepards such a high, romantical job ever actually WORKED as one. I haven't, but my grandpa took me to see the goat farm owned by his friend one summer when I was little, and the goatherd there told me it was boring.

Wake up on the wet grass. Watch the sheep. Eat breakfast. Watch the sheep. Eat Lunch. Watch the sheep. Eat Dinner. Watch the sheep. Go to sleep under the stars. . . while watching sheep.

That kinda seems like my day sometimes, minus the sheep.
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