Older Dark Mousy Picture

OH MAN I love this picture! it's just so... perfect!! i worked so hard on it too... T_T All of my friends want to set up a table at Jafax for me and Justine, a freshman friend of mine who's obsessed with alien vs predator and anything related with it. Do you think i should? I'm so busy lately... and i'd have to go down to kinkos and get prints made, and that would cost mooha that I don't have, and it all takes time and I'd most likely have to make pictures just to please people's whiney needs, and UGH. -.-' commisions are a travesty to my soul. i've tried some, in fact I sold one of Anubis just this week for 5 dollars (a rough sketch too... apparently egyptain mythology is good for selling! and he said that if I made a picture of horus for him by the end of the summer he'd pay over 20 bucks for a finished copy! ()_()' that's more than normal prints!) so technically i'm a prefessional artist by the time i'm 17. hehe. My dad wants me to get into graphic art, saying that I'd be good at it, it's my strong suit, and that nursing (what i was thinking of) just isn't cut out for me. But I dunno. So, do you like it? huh, huh? I spent SO long on this, and it's all for my friend thedarksorceress, my half of an art trade. This picture (which she loves with all her heart, she's tried to steal it multiple times now...) for a picture i watched her make that I liked of a random guy rocking out to headphones (I love music!) and another picture, the chrono picture from long ago in trade for a pic of Chrystala and Nicholas.
lol sorry for the long rant, but yeah... i have a lot on my mind right now, so I need to de-stress...
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