Timaeus, Master of Time Picture

Name: Timaeus

Title(s): Element of Time, Spirit of Judgment, Master Time, Temporal Tide, Professor of Astronomy

Gender: Male

Species: Alicorn

Affiliation: Guardians

Allies: Alteros (Ally of Distortion), Ironwing Paguseus (Ally of Space), Madame Architect (Ally of Creation, Queen), Doctor Hooves (Apprentice)

Epocha (Wife/Deceased)
(Children: Eldest to Youngest) Prince Blueblood (son/estranged), Princess Cadenza Mi Amore (daughter/estranged), Prince Thunderwing (son)

Calm nature, Compassionate, Inspirational, Observant. He can sometimes become a worried due to his ability of predicting certain events. However, when somepony is threatened, he comes in to defend the ones he cares about.

Physical Power:
Blue Lightning Bolts, Power Barrier, Teleportation, Time Halt and Travel, & Precognition.

DISADVANTAGE: Suffers from power drains. Due to his ancient spells, especially with Time and Precognition spells, he develops headaches, forcing him to rest.

- Chronos
- Apollo

Timaeus as the second youngest of the Guardians serves as the Master of Time, able to control time by either travel or halting. In addition, he is capable of foreseeing the future, however he is unable to identify the "enemies" of those events. Fighting alongside the Queen and his compatriots, Paguseus and Alteros, they successfully put an end to the Bronco-Titans reign over "Novus Universitas". Imprisoning Xenxus, burying Tyrannus, and not all in favor of Khaoios "second chance", he monitored the land as well as assisting the Queen on her task to help rebuilt. In 395 BE, Timaeus and his compatriots searched through the ancient temples where they had buried Tyrannus deep (this is immediately after the Queen's nightmare). Unfortunately when they had arrived, the sarcophagus containing the body of Tyrannus disappeared from the temple, scaring the Guardians and leaving them with little choice. Timaeus part in this becomes clear, re-write all the ancient spells into a dead language, and destroy all the original evidence, leaving absolutely no trace. After all evidence was hidden, the Guardians disappeared from Novus Universitas. Yet, over the centuries, he fell in love with a unicorn, Epocha soon having 2 sons and a daughter. However, due to her immortality, Timaeus with his wife's dying wish, save their last son (she died during pregnancy). Saving his youngest son, Timaeus confronted his most saddest moment in his life, losing his beloved wife, yet promising her that he will love and watch over there children, as much as he did for her. Unfortunately, due to Timaeus, becomig seriously worried about his children's safety, sent them in the care of his youngest son to his apprentice, Doctor Hooves. His other son and daughter in the care of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. From there, he knew that someday he will come to them in assistance, but before letting them go he gave them 1/4 of his power as a gift. He would soon return in present time with the return of Xenxus and the call of the Element of Time.


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