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I’ve been meaning to fill this out. Just got around to it, although it's been sitting on my desktop for a while now. :/ So here’s what I’m been/have been influenced by:

1) Sonic the Hedgehog-Of course the blue blur has been a huge influence in my art. You don’t need a second glance to see that! But without starting with fan art, I probably wouldn’t have worked with backgrounds or comics at all. And techniques I’ve learned working with the official characters (as well as my own), have proved useful for my art classes.

2) Chrono Crusade-If you haven’t read this manga you’re missing out! The anime's okay but its nothing like the manga. Although I haven’t been largely influenced by this, I pulled some design details from it. For example Daemon’s braid originally looked a lot like Chrono’s (but has since thinned out).

3) The Karate Kid-This movie (and the remake actually) were both a huge influence for Terra’s backstory and just the entire idea of battle training in Abisdom (her home-world).

4) Bible-Of course what I live by would be a huge influence. Many of my character’s basis for morality rest on what I believe as a Christian. And also, many of their struggles are based off or are actual events I’ve gone through myself in my walk with God. Or things that I’ve seen my fellow believers go through. And how we’ve been helped.

5) Lord of the Rings-My method from drawing maps came from the Lord of the Rings. Ideas for culture and language structure were also inspired from the books as well as the movies.

6) Deltora Quest-I LOVE this book SO much (anime’s actually not half bad either but the book’s way better). This has mainly influenced my writing (love the plot devices the author uses) but I wouldn’t be surprised if ideas from the book become prevalent in Chasm’s. I love the adventure and the quests that the characters go through.

7) Redwall-The idea of a guardian in Abisdom mainly came from the story of Redwall, although I’ve changed details. But this was always one of my favorite books and I still read it to this day.

8) The Legend of Zelda- I grew up with Ocarina of Time and a lot of ideas about landscapes and villains were pulled from the games. Especially after I played Ocarina of Time all the way through and now, from Twilight Princess.

9) Edith Hamilton’s Mythology-I was required to read this book in high school and I’ve always liked the Greek myths. It was through a discussion of this book (or at the very least the stories) that Kyou came to be.

10) Dragonheart-If you haven’t seen this movie, FIND IT AND WATCH IT. You won’t regret it XD But a lot of aspects of the Elemental Guardians were inspired by Dragonheart.

11) Avatar: The Last Airbender: Although I created the elemental powers for my characters before I ever saw this series, it’s still been an influence, mainly in the fighting style (basically what I should and shouldn’t use if I don’t want people to call me a copycat XD).

12) Irish culture-My family is from Ireland and not surprisingly, a lot of architecture and landscapes in Abisdom (which I haven’t really put on dA) were influenced from Gaelic culture. Many of my characters have last names that are Gaelic-based.

13) Disney- Okay I had to put this one. I mean, everyone’s been influenced by Disney at some point!
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