6 by 6 Inspiration Picture

I am a huge nerd.

As a result, I am influenced by (right to left, row by row, top to bottom)...

Mike Mignola, Drew Hayes, awesome people that I know, Gears of War, Metal, Clive Barker, GTA, Chrono Trigger, Legacy of Kain, the 80's, Final Fantasy (SNES RPGs in general, maybe?), Disney, Oddworld and similarly crafted worlds unlike our own, offbeat shenanigans, Rankin Bass animation (Mad Monster Party was where Google lead me, even though I meant their 2D animation, but MMP is lol and love), over-the-top action sequences, Scary Stories (book cover is relevant!), Riding Bean, storms. Suikoden, Survival Horror, BROMANCE, paranormal themes, Beetlejuice (Tim Burton, in before hipsters), Creepypasta, Tarot/Meditation/other whimsy silly crap, the 90's, Darkstalkers, Don Bluth, SCIENCE (mad science, real science, stuff made to be science just by saying SCIENCE), Fatal Fury, Mythology and Folklore, City architecture and locations, ADVENTURE, stuff I read on Wikipedia and the Ocean.

Feeling lost and uninspired, thought doing this might help me. I know I saw
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