The Macronian Odyssey Picture

This is the front cover of one of my other stories, "The Macronian Odyssey." It's about a boy named Shawn Williams whose life is transformed when a group of monsters from a pocket dimension called the Macroverse abducts his sister, Shelly. He then meets up with a beautiful, yet mysterious girl named Pheobe Swan who bestow upon him reality-warping powers, entering different realms, and summoning a special kind of blade known as a "The Macronian Saber" which it's also known as "Bane of the Unversed" battle against the evil army that answers to the Sovereign of Subspace. He, Pheobe, and his friends will travel to multiple dimensions, meeting different versions of themselves, friends, and foes as they are on a quest to rescue Shelly from the Sovereign.
This story was inspired by Chrono Trigger series. Unlike any book that I written, Macronian Odyssey will have its own orignal mythology that I will create. This is also the first in the Macronian Trilogy. While the first book's theme will be about traveling through dimensions, the second book will be about time-traveling, and lastly the final book will be about space. Each book will feature a different protagonist that will have their own unique abilities. I can't to start writing about this!
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