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Well, Ever since I started reviewing my old notebooks,
i managed to find so many story ideas i had when I was a child.
So this is another one of my group arts.
This time, it involves the main characters of majority of my ideas.


Character Line-up:
In this format -> Name, from Original Story (Genre). Notes

(Middle) Miles, from Dark kNight (RPG). Dark kNight is fairly old, and i first drew the concept in about 1996... Miles is in his cloak costume here. He uses a Great Sword. More of him here: [link]

(Left of Miles, Clockwise)
Holly, from Runic (RPG). Runic was one of my most favorite projects since 2003. One project i was actually serious with for over 4 years. It was previously called Natur Blumen. Holly is one of my most used OCs. She uses bow and arrows.
Teresa, from Nymphalidae (RPG). Another old story. I first made it up about 1997 when i was still playing Suikoden II. Teresa's costume was originally based off Millie. I changed it only recently. Her weapon is her hands and feet, using dance moves.
Oliver, from Jewel Quest (RPG). Oh, this is the story i remember the most. but did not like what it was turned into. Basically, more gem-collecting RPGs which was kind of cliche already. Oliver uses Katars. His costume was similar to the main character from Chrono Cross...
Ridge, from Rangers Alpha (Action). I remember a time i was obssessed with Power Rangers, so i made some of my own. It never really went anywhere, but still memorable. His special skill involves his Laser Gun.
Persephone, from Persephone (RPG/Action). Based on the mythology of the same name. I was interested in Mythology that time, and decided to make something similar. The story never came to fruition, but Persephone was made nonetheless. Her weapon is a wand with various abilities.
Nikki, from Final Flight (Strategy/RPG). I based this mostly off of Final Fantasy X, and actually made Nikki to resemble Rikku before FFX-2. Kind of like a descendant of hers... She has two friends, who are descendants of Yuna and Lulu... Her weapon is a dagger. She also appears in Runic.
Ryu, from Sol Lunaria (RPG). One of my fairly recent projects made by me and ~KoNeKo-AiKo. Since she left for anothercountry though, i haven't touched it much. So i'm trying to preserve it as much as i can. Ry's weapon is a spear.
Klein, from Tales of the Inferno (RPG). Based mostly on the Tales games my old high school friend and I used to play. I haven't posted any art of them though, well not much. But I might get to it... Klein's weapon is a sword.


I just realised how many game ideas I have. :/ Maybe i should just combine them at one point or another.
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