VG Ladies : Faris Picture

Part of my series of video game ladies who were my favorites from when I was little until now~

Faris from Final Fantasy V

You go through a good portion of the beginning of the game with Faris thinking she's a male pirate captain, and she is perfectly chill with that.

There's a good deal of androgyny to go around in this game in that anyone can be anything - all your men can be healers and your girls can be damage dealers, if that's what you want - but Faris actually gets a nod to androgyny right in her stats. For everyone else, male characters get boosts to power and vitality, women to magic and agility. Faris gets both.

Faris' best friend is a sea dragon, in the Final Fantasy 'Warriors of Light' mythology she is the element of Fire/Courage, and by birthright, she's a queen.

She'd rather be a pirate, though.
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