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I saw =Noiry's influence map and I felt compelled to do it myself O__O It's such a cool idea! So many things inspire me and have influenced me. For your convenience (?) I have labeled them all. 9_9

1 Takato Yamamoto. He influences me now, but when I first discovered him I was totally thrilled because he does the same thing I do: depicts people who look completely unaffected by what's going on around them. I've been told that my faces aren't expressive enough, but I do it on purpose. Takato Yamamoto makes me feel like it's okay T__T XD

2 Religious icons. I love halos, the end.

3 Aubrey Beardsley. You can thank him for making me never want to color anything ever again. XD

4 Music. Music plays a huuuuge part in my inspiration, and there are quite a few bands that almost always inspire me when I hear them. The one in the picture is Explosions in the Sky. :3

5 The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Shut up. XD Whenever I read or think about The Vampire Lestat or Blood and Gold I'm like, immediately filled with inspiration. Hahaha. VAMPIRES.

6 Mythology. I've been interested in mythology since I was a little kid, and it's fun drawing characters from them. Fairytales go into this category of inspiration too, but mythology is cooler!

7 Classical sculpture. (Yes, I'm aware that the David is a renaissance sculpture, I just like to mash them together because they're similar. XD) Mostly I'm in love with the body types- to me, they're more appealing than what's considered "ideal" these days.

8 Anime. Definitely one of my biggest influences (as if you couldn't tell). The one pictured is Shoujo Kakumei Utena, one of the first anime I ever watched! (It is AMAZING, and really strange.)

9 Ayami Kojima. I love her art! There is something both modern and classical about it; I also love her subject matter for the most part (she did a lot of Castlevania art).

10 Video games. I'm not sure how much they influence my art, and they're more of a distraction than an inspiration, but perhaps my art wouldn't be the same without them? The one pictured is the opening screen from Chrono Cross.

11 Disney's Fantasia. It's the movie that inspired me to make art, so it deserves a spot in here. xD

12 Ball-jointed dolls. When I was in a huge art slump I turned to these dolls, and it was really my only form of creativity at the time. I think they've influenced the way I draw a little.

13 John William Waterhouse. He painted the most gorgeous women ever and is probably the only reason I draw women at all. >_>

14 Orlando. One of my favorite movies ever! It has so much atmosphere, and features two of my favorite things: historical costume and androgyny. It's SO inspirational for me. When I saw it for the first time I immediately watched it again. <3

So yeah. Now you have a good idea of what sort of things swirl around in my head when I'm trying to get inspired. Also I hope you appreciate that my map is rotationally symmetrical. *crosses arms*
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