Manufactured Prophecies Picture

‘Greetings MC... I am Chronos. I have foreseen your approach to this tower, and I know of your travels. I have seen all that was, and is to come. Shall I show you what lies ahead?'

Meet my OC, Chronos! I actually made a back story for him as I went along. He is an artificial life form, created by humans, in which is housed the heart of Chronos. (In Greek mythology, Chronos is known as 'the Keeper of Time'.)

I worked on him a bit in a livestream session. Thank you to everyone who came in. c: I tried to achieve a balance of different extremes here - sharp/soft, feminine/masculine, etc. Can you tell I just might like big, fluffy ears?

Chronos © srslyriot

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Animation of Chronos
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