Tales of Mythology- Cast Picture

Guess who got inspired over the week? //shot
Ahahah..whats this? Well,just some characters I made for the ToRM idea i had owo.Will i ever post it,depends.

Descender: Rhea Yukki,a girl found at the tree that was being transported to an enemy base before Ad Libitum saved her.With no memory of who she is,she's rather emotionless and hard to communicate with.However..lots of secrets are hidden within her.

Villain: Chronos,a fallen descender who seems to be connected to Rhea.Sadistic and manipulative,all he does is toy with the enemy to use for his own gain.What does he want from Rhea? Simple,her soul gem.((Will explain that in a bit))

Friend: Kanonno Nevervale((Aka my version of winter Kannono)),a member of Ad Libitum who was the first person that Rhea meets.She's the right hand man of Aralnds Ad Libitum chapter guild master.However...she seems to know more than what meets the eye.

Now..I got the soul gem idea from the anime Madoka Magia.I dont claim it and it belongs to the rightful owner.All i'm using it for is *will not say due to spoilers*anyway..that's all i have to report.Oh and in case you're wonder "Where's the mascot?"...ahahahah....let's just say i suck at those ^^"...
Also...I wanna give HUGE Thanks to bee for helping me design Chronos.
Check out her page owo
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