Medivin Picture

'Medivin' is a Baphomet-inspired entity which inhabits within the Primordial Vovin Crystal of the Panacea element, known as 'Baihu' (something like White Tiger in Chinese). This crystal is one of the five Vovin Crystals which have originated from the Ater Adamantis (Black Diamond) of Apep's head. Apep is the younger of the six Huehuenahual, autotrophic titans originated from Chaos, the primordial entity, and has been fiercely taken from it by Hydros, one of the nine who came into being. Apep's head was severed by Hydros' Trident, and from Apep's Black Diamond, its third eye, have been originated the five Vovin Crystals, each of them of one of the five hidden elements.

The Baihu crystal, like the other four, has been originally used by a Vovin master, a "dragon king", to control the environment around it, as well other packs of dragons, but eventually it led other kinds of dragons and non-dragons to war, knowing about the power of the stone, and several kings have been slain for the sake of those crystals, from the distant realms of Helladeas to the depths of Dantalia, in the planet of Tredius, when the Baihu fell in the hands of the greedy sorcerers of Palarokhiel.

The Panacea, a hidden element which plays a major role in the necromancy techniques of the Topakar Magic(k) originated in Topakhon, is known to materialize shadows and use it to control both living and dead bodies. This knowledge, however, was only brought to the 10th Century a.I Palarokhian sorcerers by Tupaq, the Macabraic of Shadows himself, as they communicated with him in the Anaghra Lemah (Absolute darkness, a parallel dimension within Tupaq) through mirrors of obsidian brought from the Nahual which lived among the Toltecs.

Before Tupaq eventually returned from the Anaghra Lemah, other Palarokhian Sorcerers, such as Draconis (who'd eventually posses the Zhuque Crystal), would study the properties of the Baihu, and would come to realize through knowledge from other cultures of antiquity, such as the Cebotecs from Aztlán, and their divination processes, as the 'Ixiptlatli', for example, that these five stones contain a powerful entity yet to be awaken, and that those entities, made entirely of their respective hidden element, can grant one great power over it, even if in exchange of one's own freedom.

A part of the Palarokhian fatherhood has brought the Baihu into a besieged village far east, a decaying christian village, where they sacrificed the whole population through a massive Powaq technique (a version of the vampirical magic used by Aztlán's Cihuateteoh), and with that vital energy have awoken Medivin, the Baphomet.

The Baphomet is an agender and extremely powerful entity linked to the reciprocity of the universe. On its arms there are written "SOLVE" (separate) and "COAGULA" (join together). The torch which comes from its head is the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Medivin is a being with an enormous amount of alchemical power, and can create shifts into energy and matter easily at will. Upon the awakening of Medivin, the Palarokhian sorcerers, amazed with the emanating power, have decided to build over the destroyed village a church to the Baphomet. The "Medivin's Temple" was built not only by the Palarokhians who originally awoke the Baphomet (and eventually left the fatherhood), but also by other magicians from other cultures and initiatory orders. There, Medivin often stood on a state of hibernation, found on its original crystal form of Baihu, but if the managers of the temple decided to, they could heat the stone and awake the entity. The moments of awakening would come later according to the demand of covenants: the main magicians which awoke the entity actually sought to sell their own souls in exchange of power and immortality, of knowledge.

Medivin can share a small bit of its power in exchange of one's freedom, when Medivin isn't found on its hibernation state, when it's awaken, the ones who made a covenant with it all fall asleep. But when Medivin is on its original form of the Baihu Crystal, the ones can access their power, that goes around the great work of alchemy.

Although living in the church erected to its knowledge by all the mages, witches and sorcerers of whatever witchcraft-related practice, sect and cult, Medivin, as the Baphomet, is boundless. It knows no masters, for its own is a manifestation of a hidden nature. But in the 19th Century, most of the realms conquered by the Palarokhian fatherhood have fell to several socialist revolts, and the temple was seized by the Socialist State of Palarokhiel, and ultimately closed, but not destroyed, for some of the officials inside the State were still bound to the baphomet.

Among those known to have made a covenant with the Baphomet there are General Valtheran, of the 20th Century, and the Black Knight Drachniden, of the 13th Century.
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