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Arrangement: 3
Base Planets: Earth, Eohm, N'gaf, Daekeb, and Ghist (the only worlds they live on)
Common Abilities: Depending on race, will have one Pure Elemental control (Stone for elves, fire for demnili, water for merglers, wind for grafette, and lightning for tritlopians); 1.25:1 lifespan of their original species; increased senses (again, depending on race); cannot catch diseases not specifically made for one race of the Sel-Secre; blood can be used for a variety of reasons, both medically, scientifically, and magically; more powerful members can actually communicate with wild- and plantlife from their planet (extremely rare ability)
Contributions: Helped with environmental issues and disasters in over 300 countries/lands on 49 planets; research on their blood provided cures for countless diseases, including the Perseus Strain, the Grengan Illness, and, of course, the Second Eonity Virus; were the main force in eradicating the Agen-Secre from the universe
Date of Creation: 93 BW
Founder: Delifi-One, the first true elf and Ruling Oriachalist
History: Though the origins seem to be speculative at best, the main story seems to be that Darron Selse found the Last Eonity Ring during an archeological discovery of the Worldly Doorways, which released the Eonity Virus and killed trillions over the universe. He set out to destroy the Ring at the Demonic Forges with the help of the future Ruling Oriachaliste of the other Sel-Secre races (along with Cre, his future blooded, and Merlyn Wyvern, the young freelance magician), unknowingly infecting turning themselves and others into Sel-Secre (and early versions of the Agen-Secre). The newly-named Delifi fought off the early Cult of the Necro in order to reach the Forges, where the Ring was destroyed. He later fought in the War of the Fates, where he created a stable copy to amplify his powers to fight the Mythos at the cost of his own life. Since then, the Sel-Secre have lived according to how Delifi lived in the last parts of his life, with respect for nature and minimal technology to affect them.
How to Join: Born into one of the Sel-Secre races (for true status); have an Oriachalist of the same original species blood you, and you become their helper from then on while gaining some of their power (for blooded status)
Leaders: The Oriachaliste, thirteen voted officials of each race (totaling up to sixty-five, one of their most sacred numbers), each representing a specific "Life Trait" - including Achievement, Thinking, Enchantment, Trailblazing, Observation, Illusion (not to be confused with the magic branch), Stability, Ruling, Knowing, Equalization, Inquisition, and Seeking
Notable Agents: Grani-Fret, a demnile researcher whose records led to the creation of the first terraforming probes; Juciee-Hiel, a mergler Enchantment Oriachalist and creator of the Juciee amulets, which bestowed his legendary powers on any who possessed them; Zalas-Lorn and Enehew-Kraw, the tritlopian and elf activists who helped with the Temporary Alliance, where they showed themselves to their ignorant planet's original species before being hunted down or simply considered myths; Ketet-Gias, the graffeta magician who recently revolutionized the manipulation of weather for the Big Five through both scientific and magical means; Erock-Anen, the half-human, half-elf savior of Celestial University and eventual finder of the lost Auric Armor of Delifi
Other Information: Each race of the Sel-Secre live in four Colonies each, and migrate across (or, in tritlopian and elf cases, above and under) their home planets seasonally; these migrations can last from a few weeks to two months using their own special means of traveling. They breed a wide variety of animals and plants, sometimes unique to the Sel-Secre in the entire universe. For some reason, despite their incredible magical feats, they produce the most number of unorox, or unable to form Auric Armors, than any other races or organization, most likely due to their structures by the virus that, recent developments believe, were targeted to affect the power of auras. They share many beliefs and traditions with that of the Celestial Knights, and some believe they have some connection with the Energy, similar to how the Demoigod Project is, in some ways, related to the Chaos Bringers. Also related to the Project (despite their dislike of the "abominations of nature"), it would seem like some Sel-Secre theorists believe the draconic Anguis, if they even exist, would most likely have come from another universe like the divine Theos, and would therefore have access to advances in many areas of research, most notably diseases and their supposed part in the creation of the original Eonity Virus.

Three down, nine+two more to go (you'll get this later). As usual, this is a "masterpiece work" of Microsoft Paint (not even really sure if Microsoft is involved in any way, but I'll put it in here just to be safe). If you were expecting color at this point, then sorry to disappoint, and if you caught my rhyme, just know it isn't a crime. I'm out, peace!

- CJ L-Dawg (Carus Lumen)

P.S. ^ This is insult to injury, since the Sel-Secre hate both the fact I'm "uncovering" them and modern human lingo. So make sure to point and scream like someone from TV or something whenever you see an extremely tall, dark skinned, pointy-eared person trying to disguise themselves with trenchcoats and sunglasses at night to pass for human.
P.S.S. For the list of where I got the Life Traits from, visit here: [link] Obviously not by me, but I hope the website manager/creator doesn't mind me advertising a little (I swear, I'm begging to be sued at this point).

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Sel-Secre - Part 3 of the Celestial University Saga
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