The Streams Picture

The sempiternal influence of the Deadly Streams is given through the uncoscious as an intermediate. While the Chthonian sails upon such dominions, his human counter-part, uncapable of helping him, throws himself upon his arms to protect his Triton powers, remaining unaccessible as of now.

"Without noticing it, the Pilgrim on Helladeas suffered an initiatory death. As when he lost a confrontation with Zeus, his conscience, on the caves of death, finds itself upon the form of a Chthonian Triton. He, on the other hand, while 'awaken', lives a common life (...) And, even on such a life, he feels the influence of the streams, whose domains his 'other self' crosses, an influence that grows from inside and few by few, in such a natural and spontaneous manner"

Here present are the pilgrim of the journey in Helladeas and the four deadly streams on which inhabit its caves, drawing influences on the quarters of his face.

Sleep - Death: Here it is Hypnos, on the left, above. The devourer of will, it is both physical and mental state of comfort, and eventually of death. Turning from Hypnos to Thanatos, this stream preys on those which waste their lives too often in routines or are unable to face a world without it. Cyclical or perennial, these forces dissolve individuality as Lethes does to the soul.

Life - Procreation
: Here it is Eros, on the right, above. Maybe the first stream to be, symmetric to Chaos (scissor force of reproduction through schizo-genesis), it is about reproduction through joining and is a binding element, it is the wish rather than the will and might be enticed but never achieved.

Illusion - Dream: Here it is Morpheus, right under Hypnos. Similarly to the other, it is based on enticed ideals and less tactile worlds. However, it is deadly enough to lock one individual to objects, to singularities, and to itself. Its prey are all, it forges realities and limits understanding.

Strife - Fear: Here it is Phobos, under on the right. It is the break of reciprocity, generates and comes from fear on self cause. This is the rupture of relations, when neither love, persuasion or merely communication work out. It is more an unaligned, uncontrollable inner influence rather than determinism's tell of the environment. It is all about perception and like Dream might become all too real and necessary for those affected by it.

Upon such a poison, such a lethargic effect, only a powerful scream can awake the pilgrim. One only him can hear, for it shall come from inside.
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