Laroca Provinces Map -- Selos Picture

This is a map of one of the provinces in my fantasy world, Laroca. I was really bored so I decided to create a 5 province country in some unknown continent (I haven't given the continent a name yet).

Main cities in Selos:Parom, Inaldra, Picari
Small towns in Selos:Ain, Etys, Mil, Sefir, Bycel
Landscape:The province is located in a forestry area with 3 lakes and a large swamp
There are hills
There’s a mixture of safe and dangerous creatures
The citizens often have abilities or “super powers”

Province Flag: [link]
What is Parom known for?
Parom is known for it’s lumber, paper, and carpenters. They have schools there about learning to do those jobs.
What is Inaldra known for?
Inaldra is known for the swamp that they live near by. Swamps are known for their ability to prevent flooding, so the people of Inaldra are known for taking care of the swamp so it’s able to stop flooding if it ever occurs. And as weird as it may sound, they have schooling there for it too.
What is Picari known for?
Picari is known for their fishing. They never over fish a species, and they have schooling on fishing as well.
What are the small towns known for?
One of the small towns, Mil, is known for the shrine for the God and Goddess the people believe in. Other than that, the small towns aren’t known for much other than their basic schooling that is meant for all the citizens of Laroca. Even the city kids go there. The small towns are also known for taking care of the Magic Fountain that allows magic to be used in the land.
What God and Goddess do the people of Selos believe in?
The Goddess Kokyla. She is a young child compared to the other Gods and Goddesses which are considered young adults in the heavenly world. Her familiar is a sprite. Kokyla is believed to have created the forest as a place for her to play hide and seek. Some people have claimed to have seen an adorable young child giggling and hiding behind the trees in the forest, but when she realized she’s been spotted, she dashes away so quickly that the people can’t find her. Her familiar granted the people with special abilities to please her Goddess because the Goddess thought it would be fun if the people could do extraordinary things.
Where is the castle located in Selos?
The castle is located in Parom. The castle is made out of the plant life in Selos. Unfortunately that makes the castle easy to invade or destroy, but because of the people’s abilities, they’re able to protect it quite well.
What race is located in Selos?
Humans that are blessed by their Goddess.
The people of Selos are quite carefree people. They’re generally kind and welcoming to all human races blessed by their God/Goddess. However, they do not take kindly to others who disrespect nature and the people of Llander. They don’t like how the people on the island Sondast disrespect their God’s shrine by publicising it so much by having it in their most toured area. The people of Selos believe that a God’s/Goddess’s shrine is sacred, and not just anyone should go there. And they also don’t like the people of Llander since both Selos and Llander compete when it comes to fishing. The people of Selos generally have dark eyes and dark coloured hair, but there are some who have light coloured eyes and hair. However, they’re quite rare. Depending on what a person‘s ancestors chose as an occupation, they’re muscle build is different. Also, the people of Selos tend to wear brown or green clothing in order to blend in with their surroundings.
What creatures lurk in Selos?
Sprites are thought to be in the area, however, no one has ever been sure (the only sprite there is in Selos is Fayne, Kokyla’s sprite). There are also butterflies, many types of birds, hellhounds, blobs (blobs of slime of many different colors), boggarts and the like.

Fantasy Realm Name:
Fantasy Continent:
Fantasy Country Name:
Fantasy Provinces in Laroca:
Biras, Oyomi, Selos, Llander, Kolar
Why are the signs of the zodiac on the flags instead of the Gods/Goddesses the provinces believe in?
The provinces decided to be known by the planetary stone of their most common gemstone instead of what Gods/Goddesses they believe in.
What is the government like for the country and provinces?
Each province has a King and Queen. The country in general has a Wise Man or Wise Woman to help keep the peace between provinces.
History of Laroca
Before the provinces became a country, they were small countries that governed themselves. Sometimes a war would break out now and then between them. One of the recorded wars was the Laroca Wide War which lasted for 70 years. This war started because provinces wanted to change the deals they made on their resources. They wanted to up the price that was originally decided upon. Llander was the province who started the war. Llander’s king, Dyfar, at the time was short-tempered and impatient. He didn’t want to wait when it came to making negotiations, so he decided to change the other provinces’ minds by force. This, however, caused much chaos in Laroca. The war lasted for 70 years, and when Dyfar passed away from illness, the new king was quickly appointed. Bayde, Dyfar’s son, quickly realized the mistake his father had made. He made the troops retreat and started up negotiations on ending the war and fixing resource prices. However, he also had another idea in mind, which he shared with the much older kings and queens of Biras, Oyomi, Selos and Kolar. He suggested becoming a country. Trade would become much easier, and moving to another province would not be so hectic as it was before. The same would be with marriage between royal families, and even citizens. However, he also suggested that there would be a Wise Man, or a Wise Woman, who would be in charge of keeping the peace between each province. This was because he agreed with the other provinces when they said that they didn’t want, and shouldn’t have to, give up their royal lineage. Thus the search for Gundir, the present Wise Man, but that’s another tale.
How many years have passed since the Laroca Wide War?
100 years. However, Gundir is still alive. For some reason, whoever is chosen as a Wise Man or Wise Woman has the ability to live for a very long time, if not killed somehow by someone or something.

I will probably add more to this later once I develope this fantasy world a little more. But for now, this is what I have.

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