Influence Map- The Frost Bros Picture

Another Influence Map, but this time from another series I'm working on.

I created The Frost Brothers back when I was in high school. Originally, the protagonist weren't even related, but as I fleshed them out, I noticed similarities between them. Both are elementals, both are young, both are quick-witted and guile. So, I made them twins. After pairing them up with another elemental character (this one a female), I had a good cast dynamic. So, I plotted out a reason to put them all together. I figured where was I when I was their age? Fresh out of high-school, unsure about what life was going to be like, unsure about what was next. Never seen the world, yet, I was ready to commit to college. At that point, I had the brothers going on a road trip, seeing the USA as their ancestors did. Good premise, I thought.

How do I put it all together? These are some of the influences from The Frost Brothers:

1. The Blues Brothers - The original movie's opening sequence was the primary inspiration for the whole reunion aspect of the story. Elwood goes to pick up his brother Jake from prison after many years of separation. Though Bry and Q haven't been separated by years or prison bars, they have been separated by countries (Bryton was raised by his dad in Toronto while Quentin was raised by his mom in California; I'll explain the reason for the separation in the actual story). It's their first year on their own, and both will grow close throughout their year on the road. And like Elwood and Jake, the Frost brothers will find fun, adventure, and chaos on their journey making many friends and many foes.

2. National Lampoon's Vacation - If it could go wrong, it will go wrong, but if you're determined to stay on the road to your destination, wherever it may be, have fun doing it. Like the Griswolds, Bry and Q will occasionally find themselves in situations that they would prefer not to be in, and yet, they'll continue on their trek, having fun along the way.

3.. The Road to ... Series (Family Guy) The original Road to movies (which I'll talk in depth about in a minute) inspired the occasional Brian/Stewie road trip episodes, and the Family Guy creators made it their own. A liberal-minded dog and a matricidal infant are polar opposites yet completely alike, and that's how I see Quentin and Bryton. Quentin's more liberal-minded and open about life than Bryton, but Bryton is more centered emotionally, not to mention more world-weary. They're like sand and water. A mess that can be used to make something, well, quite creative. They blend so well because they are so different.

4. On the Road by Jack Kerouac - It's a classic novel about an idealist who tries to find his place in the world and becomes a little more cynical about it. I don't use many real-world products/ideals in The Frost Bros., but I do have Quentin reading the book off and on. He writes and blogs about their journeys. In this instance, he's more like Sal while his brother Bryton, a more worldly, more extroverted individual, is more like Dean. No drugs here though, but the bohemian spirit of the Beat Generation guides the brothers on the road.

5. Ando and Hiro from Heroes - Of all the characters on the late superhero-driven drama Heroes, these were two of the three characters I really grew to like throughout the series. The two naive characters, one with a power he still doesn't quite understand, make a journey to a foreign land and throughout time to discover themselves, their place in the world, and how they shape the world they're in. In The Frost Brothers, we're dealing with the same situation, only they're not entirely foreigners in a foreign land, just a youthful duo out in the world on their own for the very first time and eventually feeling like foreigners in their own land.

6. Noah Bennet (HRG) from Heroes - Now we're talking about a character who isn't the title characters but plays an important role in the story. Noah Bennet was the enigmatic figure who hunted and searched for beings with phenomenal powers across the globe. He has assisted both the Company and the "heroes." The character known initially as Mr. N is just as mysterious as HRG. He appears to be observing the brothers' journey and provides them with unlimited funds and protection. He has his own plans for them, and will reveal them personally soon. Whether the brothers choose to join Mr. N or not will determine the rest of their lives.

7. The Road to ... Series (Hope/Crosby/Lamour) - So far, you have a typical setup. Two guys, longtime friends, going someplace in the world, pairing up with a beautiful woman, getting into all sorts of trouble. That's the premise of nearly every Road movie, and you know what? It works every time. The third person that joins the brothers is a redhead named Layla. She shares similar qualities with both brothers and, unbeknownst to them, also has a power. She'll join the brothers on numerous adventures, but she isn't all she appears to be.

8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I never realized how much of the classic is like the Road to series. You have the schemer, a reluctant patsy, and the beautiful girl. But it's oh so modern. The sense of youth enjoying freedom, however brief, from the confines of society and mediocrity, is an essential part of what The Frost Brothers is all about. Ironically, John Hughes, the man behind Ferris, also wrote National Lampoon's Vacation and it's greater sequel Christmas Vacation, so, in a way, John Hughes continues to influence me to this day. Thank you Mr. Hughes.

9. DC Universe - The Original Universe. The place where Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Plastic Man, and so many others make their home. When I was a kid, I wanted to make characters that fit in that world. I made my own characters since I was five. Over the years, I created my own universe. The world of The Frost Brothers is a part of that greater, vast universe of heroes and villains. I will slowly build up that universe and expand upon them throughout the years, The road trip is just the genesis of the universe to come, and I can't wait to present the modern mythologies of this universe.
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