Laroca Provinces Map -- Oyomi Picture

This is one of the provinces in my fantasy world, Laroca. I ws basically really bored when I created this.

Main Cities in Oyomi:
Idevi, Oalyn, Twilys
Small Towns in Oyomi:
Dwoc, Enar, Ovia, Burasa, Auden
Landscape for Oyomi:
Is an island in the sky that’s above Biras
The people there have wings that are able to retract into their backs
Is a flat island
Farming isn’t possible with most crops, but there are some that can only grow there
Creatures there are relatively safe
The clouds that pass by tend to make visibility difficult and make it very damp and cold
There are deep ponds here and there
Magic is strong there
There’s a pond close to the edge of the island, and when it overflows, it creates a waterfall that goes into the mountain range in Biras

Province Flag:My Version - [link]
What is Idevi known for?
Idevi is known for the farms there. There are mostly creatures that help produce what we know as dairy products, leather, and meat. The schools there are to teach young children to know what they need to know to farm.
What is Oalyn known for?
Oalyn is known for their flying competitions. They are also known for their many schools that teach flying.
What is Twilys known for?
Twilys is known for their festivals and shrine they have for the Goddess they believe in. They’re also known for their schools that teach magic. Twilys is also known for the schools that teach people how to control the clouds.
What are the small towns known for?
Not much really… They’re mostly used to have a place for people to live and get actual schooling for the studies the whole country citizens need. The city kids have to go there as well because the cities have schools for what they’re most known for: Farming, Flying, and Magic/Cloud Controlling. However, the citizens are supposed to take care of the portal that allows them onto the mainland and into Biras. And they’re also supposed to take care of the Magic Fountain that allows magic to be used in the province.
What God/Goddess do the people of Oyomi believe in?
The Goddess Gwylden. She is believed to have created Oyomi by tricking Drel into helping her make it. Her familiars were a butterfly and a dove, which is why the citizens of Oyomi either have wings similar to a dove or a butterfly when they’re born. The butterfly blessed the land with magic, the citizens with wings, and the land with specific fertility. The dove blessed the land with peaceful scenery, the citizens with wings, and the citizens the ability to control the clouds.
What race is in Oyomi?
Humans that are blessed by their Goddess and her familiars.
Men in Oyomi generally have dove wings while the women usually have butterfly wings. A female who has dove wings usually becomes an outcast and it’s the same with males who have butterfly wings. This is because the society of the hovering island people is very judgemental of their own kind. Surprisingly they are quite open to other God/Goddess blessed human races. The reason behind this is unknown. Also, no matter what, the people always have blue eyes, however, if someone is born without blue eyes, they are considered an outcast. People other than the Oyomi tend to think that the Oyomi people are not accepting to differences in their own Goddess blessed race. The option of cross-dressing is not available to the Oyomi people because the King and Queen do not wish it. It would be extremely hard to tell the difference between the genders otherwise because female and male alike look quite feminine. Males are forced to have short hair and females are forced to have long hair so that the difference between genders can be seen more clearly. Males, despite their female looking appearance, act manly. This is required of all men in Oyomi just like it is required that all females act feminine. Females are allowed to wear jewellery but males are not. If you live in Oyomi and are a homosexual, you will not be allowed to have anything to do with your significant other unless you removed yourself from the province and never returned. Although, if it’s a homosexual couple from another province, they are quite excepting. The females wear white, loose, thin dresses mostly, that aren’t see through, while the men wear loose, white, thin shorts and pants that aren’t see through.
Example of a female:[link]
What creatures lurk in Oyomi?
You will often find doves, and other types of birds, and butterflies, but no one is sure which ones are the familiars of Gwylden, or if any of them are. You can also find sprites, blurrs, brownies (no, not the dessert you eat), hippogriffs (a mix between a griffin and a horse) and the like.

Fantasy Realm Name:
Fantasy Continent:
Fantasy Country Name:
Fantasy Provinces:
Biras, Oyomi, Selos, Llander, Kolar
What is the government like for the country and provinces?
Each province has a King and Queen. The country in general has a Wise Man or Wise Woman to help keep the peace between provinces.
Why do the provinces use the zodiac signs on their flags instead of their Gods/Goddesses?
The provinces decided to be known by the planetary stone of their most common gemstone instead of what Gods/Goddesses they believe in.
History of Laroca
Before the provinces became a country, they were small countries that governed themselves. Sometimes a war would break out now and then between them. One of the recorded wars was the Laroca Wide War which lasted for 70 years. This war started because provinces wanted to change the deals they made on their resources. They wanted to up the price that was originally decided upon. Llander was the province who started the war. Llander’s king, Dyfar, at the time was short-tempered and impatient. He didn’t want to wait when it came to making negotiations, so he decided to change the other provinces’ minds by force. This, however, caused much chaos in Laroca. The war lasted for 70 years, and when Dyfar passed away from illness, the new king was quickly appointed. Bayde, Dyfar’s son, quickly realized the mistake his father had made. He made the troops retreat and started up negotiations on ending the war and fixing resource prices. However, he also had another idea in mind, which he shared with the much older kings and queens of Biras, Oyomi, Selos and Kolar. He suggested becoming a country. Trade would become much easier, and moving to another province would not be so hectic as it was before. The same would be with marriage between royal families, and even citizens. However, he also suggested that there would be a Wise Man, or a Wise Woman, who would be in charge of keeping the peace between each province. This was because he agreed with the other provinces when they said that they didn’t want, and shouldn’t have to, give up their royal lineage. Thus the search for Gundir, the present Wise Man, but that’s another tale.
How old was Bayde when he took over the throne?
He was 17.
How many years have passed since the Laroca Wide War?
100 years. However, Gundir is still alive. For some reason, whoever is chosen as a Wise Man or Wise Woman has the ability to live for a very long time, if not killed somehow by someone or something.

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