The economic system of the sheep and the goats Picture

The economic system of the sheep and the goats

Most economic systems were well thought out in their space and time with good intentions behind them and with the interests of people first in most cases.

Most systems can and will work well if led/managed by human beings with a well developed and intelligent and more evolved kind of moral conscience that will place people before the three negative peas of personal gain, (-profit, prestige and power)

Every system I have read about thus far, is dependent upon this one little fact; “Even one rotten apple in the mix can spoil the whole barrel of laughs.”

Which basically means that it is not the systems that must be fixed first, it is you and me, because we created the systems and we keep them going to serve our own interests by competing with each other to capture the three peas first before anyone else or more than most or the most of all.

Thus, Free market capitalism, Market Socialism, Central planning, Mercantilism, Shock Therapy, The Washington Consensus and other lesser known systems have not worked well anywhere at any time in any place, ever, in the history of human civilization because they are undermined by practices such as kleptocracy, rent seeking, moral hazard, adverse selection, marginalism, excess burden and crowding out to name but a few immoral worms who have been tempted to capture the three peas against all their good intentions and excellent educations and upbringings.

Like Gollum does, in the Lord of the Rings with his insane desire for the ring of three peas.

In my opinion, efforts to enforce moral and ethical conduct in every business deal between family and community and institution and city and nation by effective policing of personal and other property rights with methodologies of massive intimidating legal paperwork courts of law surrounded by the faces of super small fine print and subjugation and spying and lying and manipulation and constipation, is not an optimal way of keeping people, property and peaceful pabulum (The three positive Peas+)safe and healthy in order to reach the perfection that we all yearn for and churn for and stir the pot up very hot for.

Methodologies designed by flawed people for flawed people, through no fault of their own misunderstanding on the present rung of the evolution of the human brain, create the massive temptations that lead to the greed for the three peas of -negative personal gain before the health and safety of human life and the planet on which they are supposed to evolve off of when they leave the nest for greener pastures.

In my opinion, if the local and global trends continue in this way, the very smart machines that now begin to group the human faces in fortunate five hundreds according to their monetary worth and the noble prestige of all mighty intelligent conversions and Olympian powers on red carpet screaming and blue blood lines and who is followed and who is not and who buys what and what for and when, on the time lines of ‘absolutely fucking toxic’ to ‘sort of ok’, are on the right track of dividing the sheep who have a conscience from the goats who don’t give a shit, but they need to evolve a lot faster and quicker to sort out these two groups based on the extent of their human character as defined by an evolved intelligent conscience, and find the IC spot on the dendrite tree of knowledge in the brains of human beings, as opposed to any other thing, in order for this smarter way to be the way to lead the way out of immoral global recession and depression and to put the health and safety of the positive three peas first (people, personal property rights, and peaceful pabulums).

A good experiment to test this sort of thing, would be to get all the members of certain powerful global groups, who make powerful decisions for billions of their fellow human beings, to undergo genetic testing and psychological examination and investigations into their personal asset accumulations and family dynamics and viewpoints on numerous kinds of topics to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt by SQUID or MRI, before permitting any of them to sit around the walls of the great big halls and wave the rule books in the air that everyone else should follow except them?

This would ensure that the morals and ethics of every leader of every global group will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court in the glass castle of open and accessible information as desired by the citizens that follow them.

All other global groups calling for followers and tweeting the chaos and anonymous tracking of all the bad decisions made throughout history by so many, should be looking at the person, not the deeds.
Finding the DNA print outs, accessing the psychological profiles, listening to the viewpoints, noticing who has the money and the power that backs them, finding out what psychologies and ideologies and mythologies drive them behind closed doors, so that once and for all, the little lambs will no longer be misled or misdirected or misinformed, because they will know for sure that the sheep is the sheep and not the goat inside the clothing of a sheep.

(Always remember that goats are people too.)

So, I personally would send in the intrepid and clever marketing strategists and the pushy paparazzi to sniff it all out and divide the sheep from the goats starting with the top rungs on the ladder down to the bottom of the least of us, giving us all a printout to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we are nice or not and if we are not, we can then access the understanding and help that we need to get the nice stamp of approval with hard work and other kinds of learning.

I think that in this particular imagined scenario of being led by a global group of intelligent people with well developed and evolved conscience, could mean really exciting things… sending in the bombs filled with massive instruction manuals of how to be nice to each other, all wrapped up in bright colored paper with big red ribbons, and lollies for the kids and perfume for their mums and chocolates for their dads to put under their Christmas trees this year.

I wonder what that would be like.
It would be a first?
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