Laroca Provinces Map -- Biras Picture

This is a map of the province Biras in my fantasy country Laroca. It's basically this random thing I made when I was bored.

Main Cities In Biras:
Rakar, Janun, Relira
Small Towns In Biras:
Avowira, Ch’tira, Shatar, Chulash, Avahur
Landscape for Biras:
A place where mining, forges and jewellery are common
Not a good idea to farm there
Dangerous creatures are everywhere, but there are some creatures that aren’t hugely dangerous
A river runs through the province that comes from the mountain range

Province Flag:[link]
What is Rakar known for?
They’re mostly known for their jewellery shops and crystals that decorate the city beautifully. They have many prestigious schools for becoming jewellery makers, identifiers, sellers etc, etc, etc.
What is Janun known for?
Janun is mostly known for their mines and burly, muscular men and women. The city often has strength competitions, and they’re very competitive people when it comes to them. Janun also has a school for helping young children become miners.
What is Relira known for?
They’re known for their forges and weaponry. They are also known for their fighting tournaments and schools that teach how to fight, use weapons, and make weapons.
What are the small towns known for?
Nothing much really… They’re mostly just to give people a place to live. Each small town has their own school for actual studies though, and the city kids usually have to go there since the schools in the main cities are usually for what they’re most known for: Jewellery, Mining, or Forging/Fighting. However, the citizens are supposed to take care of the portal that allows them to enter Oyomi. And they’re also supposed to take care of the Magic Fountain that allows magic to be used in the land.
What God/Goddess do the citizens of Biras believe in?
The God Drel. He is believed to be the creator of Biras and all of it’s mountainous and rocky terrain. He is also believed to have had a dragon as a familiar as well as be able to fight better than any God/Goddess or man/woman. He is also believed to own and be able to fight with every weapon ever created. Also, the reason why Biras is so rich with jewels and ores is because dragons are known for hiding them, and the fire in the forges is said to be possible in this cold environment because only the people of Biras are able to be blessed by the dragon to use it’s eternal fire.
Where is the castle located in Biras?
The castle for the royal family of Biras is located in Rakar. It’s a giant castle made of the crystals you see decorating the town. However, the difference between the castle crystals and the ones that decorate the town is that the ones used for the castle are nearly unbreakable.
What race is in Biras?
Humans blessed by the fire of Drel’s dragon.
Because of the past between Drel and Gwylden, the people of Biras are susceptible to the Oyomi’s looks and normally sceptical trust. The men and women alike look quite masculine most times, however, there are females who look feminine depending on if their ancestors decided to work with jewels or not. This does not depend on what the God Drel decides for his people or what they choose to do themselves. He actually has nothing to do with their looks at all. From past generations of muscle build and/or attention to detail, their physical features are born. In the way the society in Biras works is that there are no freebees. This means that you have to constantly work hard if you expect to get some kind of reward. If you don’t work hard, you get nothing. People are generally very unsympathetic towards people who decide to not work and try and mooch off others. They mostly wear animal furs and armour. The people of Biras tend to have pale skin and dark eyes and hair.
What creatures lurk in Biras?
Dragons lurk in the mountain range and in the danger zones. However, no one knows which dragon could possibly be the familiar of Drel, or if any of them are. Other creatures that lurk about are hellhounds, bears, blurrs (vague, human-like figures), chenoo (giants who fear humans and fight amongst themselves with boulders and uprooted trees) and the like.

Fantasy Realm Name:
Fantasy Continent:
Fantasy Country Name:
Fantasy Provinces:
Biras, Oyomi, Selos, Llander, Kolar
What is the government like for the country and provinces?
Each province has a King and Queen. The country in general has a Wise Man or Wise Woman to help keep the peace between provinces.
Why is the sign of Capricorn on the province flag instead of a dragon or Drel then?
The provinces decided to be known by the planetary stone of their most common gemstone instead of what Gods/Goddesses they believe in.
History of Laroca
Before the provinces became a country, they were small countries that governed themselves. Sometimes a war would break out now and then between them. One of the recorded wars was the Laroca Wide War which lasted for 70 years. This war started because provinces wanted to change the deals they made on their resources. They wanted to up the price that was originally decided upon. Llander was the province who started the war. Llander’s king, Dyfar, at the time was short-tempered and impatient. He didn’t want to wait when it came to making negotiations, so he decided to change the other provinces’ minds by force. This, however, caused much chaos in Laroca. The war lasted for 70 years, and when Dyfar passed away from illness, the new king was quickly appointed. Bayde, Dyfar’s son, quickly realized the mistake his father had made. He made the troops retreat and started up negotiations on ending the war and fixing resource prices. However, he also had another idea in mind, which he shared with the much older kings and queens of Biras, Oyomi, Selos and Kolar. He suggested becoming a country. Trade would become much easier, and moving to another province would not be so hectic as it was before. The same would be with marriage between royal families, and even citizens. However, he also suggested that there would be a Wise Man, or a Wise Woman, who would be in charge of keeping the peace between each province. This was because he agreed with the other provinces when they said that they didn’t want, and shouldn’t have to, give up their royal lineage. Thus the search for Gundir, the present Wise Man, but that’s another tale.
How old was Bayde when he took over the throne?
He was 17.
How many years have passed since the Laroca Wide War?
100 years. However, Gundir is still alive. For some reason, whoever is chosen as a Wise Man or Wise Woman has the ability to live for a very long time, if not killed somehow by someone or something.

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