Character Party Picture


Oh my. That's a lot of characters, huh?
I am almost certain that this is a compilation of every single character I have ever made. I'm not sure though, I'm probably missing some. Not to mention all the awful, awful characters that I made when I was five and I thought drawing crap in a notebook meant I was making a comic book and I was awesome. *shudders* I put only the ones I could stand to think about in that box there. xD;

ANYWAY! A lot of characters! Most from roleplays, some from the Legend of Aldos, others from other stuff. And of course, the inevitable crap characters off in the corner there. And, of course, since I have like a million Pokemon trainer characters there's a full quarter of the page devoted to the pokemon. I'll list all the characters here, but you can skip it if you want. There are a LOT. And you may notice recycled names.
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