Zep's World (European Front) Picture

(Please note that every mythological and historical reference are either pulled from the internet and reinvented into Zep's world or just made up entirely. None of these historical/mythological references are to be taken seriously as accurate depictions of the sources taken from even by derivation.)

In this map, Zep's world has been divided into different territories/alliances with their own agenda and histories.

Napoleonic France: Zep's home. Established after the Napoleonic Wars having demolished the papist nations of Spain and Italy. The first generation of Arch-Agents was brought forth in these lands after Matthias took after the preceding ruler, Napoleon, and reinforced the new nationalist regime using the military organization known as the Covenant. This was the first established nation to have declared independence from supernatural authority, plunging them into war against both the forces of Heaven and Hell. They were the first to announce their claim of sovereignty for mankind and the first member of the military alliance known as the Middle Kingdom.

The Confederate States of Germany: A collaboration of German and Russian speaking states that were previously puppet states under a notorious underground cult known as the Hand of Faust. It was after Johann led the first generation of Arch-agents into liberating these lands and effectively killing the Arch-demon known as Mephistopheles. This was the first occurrence of the death of a supernatural entity in history; the public execution of Mephistopheles gave the Covenant both fame and infamy through out the world, being the first humans... or rather the first mortals, to have slain an immortal. The Confederate States of Germany soon came after years of reconstruction and government reformations and were the second group of nations to have joined the Middle Kingdom, under the condition that the Napoleonic France recognized the CSG as an independent territory. The second Covenant division was established here after the rise of the second generation of Arch-Agents.

The United Euro-Russian Separatists: Previously under the Russian Orthodoxy Empire, news of the Middle Kingdom and their efforts of creating a world free from Pantheon Rule began to spread in these lands. Because of the high taxation and the brutal economical conditions that were left uncared for by the local Patriarchs, a civil war had broken out that lasted for 13 years. At this time, the first generation of Arch-agents agreed to give aid to these separatists; however the fight against organized Angelic forces and military trained monks and mages was far different from the fight against lesser demons and cultists. At the end of the civil war, the Russian Orthodoxy Empire finally withdrew its forces to defend their southern regions from the Babylonians. The casualties on the Middle Kingdom side were in the hundreds of thousands. Johann was the last survivor of the first generation of Arch-agents. By then, he had already killed three Archangels who were under Gabriel's army. But even with his rising fame and power, it was not enough to cover the fact that he had let so many Russian Separatists die in the war. This war blackened the name of the Covenant and had placed a lot of tension between the UERS and Napoleonic France. After years of reconstruction and diplomatic journeys, the UERS eventually agreed to join the Middle Kingdom in the negotiations. The UERS soon developed their own military might through the mass production of Esper soldiers. The idea of mass producing superhumans became the blueprint for the upcoming second generation of Arch-agents, just before the second Covenant division was created in the CSG.

The United Kingdoms: One of the oldest alliances since the 14th century, the UK were famous for being home to the most adept and innovative magicians in the world. Their emphasis on the arcane had once helped them obtain all of Europe before they were divided by the chaos caused by the Black Death in the 16th century. It was only during the Napoleonic Wars did the nations of the UK reestablished their alliance to defend their borders from the secular Napoleonic forces. When news spread of the Arch-Agents and the Middle Kingdom, Parliament had ensured to keep the peace through the torture and execution of heretics. While they depend on the governing Archangels from heaven, they do not align themselves with the Russian Orothodoxy because of a schism in Heaven. Their main religion is Catholicism. Their leader is Archangel Michael who, after the disappearance of God, had taken upon himself to govern the world and eliminate all other beings who do not accept the rule of the Archangels. The Catholic influence has spread to numerous places, mainly in the Americas where they are untouched by foreign beliefs.

Scandinavian Conglomerate: A territory without a central government, the SC consists of ruling tribal kings who worship their own pagan gods as well as the elements around them. The SC is home to many mythical creatures and Elementals, although you cannot say that the rest of the world is without their own supernatural/mythical races and species. The SC was once a Pantheon Ruled territory, under the authority of the Norse Gods. However, after warring with both the UK and the Russian Orthodoxy and suffering from the catastrophe known as Black Death, the SC is now a mere shell of its former glory, divided and barely able to defend themselves from outside invaders. They stand as a neutral presence in terms of the Middle Kingdom's goals, but often times are open to diplomacy and trade. This is the first religion affiliated area to accept the Middle Kingdom's sovereignty without any hostility. Relations with the Middle Kingdom soon allowed for open border policies for pagan refugees, under the conditions that they do not worship any gods that the Middle Kingdom rejects nor run for any political position.

The Russian Orthodox Empire: One of the largest empires in the world, the ROE have made it their goal to vanquish any demonic forces in the world and their worshipers. They view paganism as a form of demonic worship and secularism as a form of rebellion against God. Their rise in power became evident in the 15th century and have remained as a holy superpower in the world, formerly allied with the UK. However, this holy alliance did not last as the ROE were responsible for having unleashed the Black Death onto the Scandinavian Conglomerate, which had also infected regions of the UK, crippling their empire. The Black Death was orchestrated by Gabriel himself, who led the ROE against the UK, believing that while it is wrong for humans to stray away from God, that it is also wrong for Michael to usurp God's authority during His disappearance.

Democratic Kingdoms of Greece: The longest lasting empire next to the Babylonians, the DKG have often allowed their Pantheon Rule to oppress them and abuse its citizens. It was only after the rise of the Middle Kingdom and their influence did the Pantheon Rulers of DKG tread lightly on their relations with their citizens. While Zeus does not wish to affiliate or ally with the Middle Kingdom, during the negotiations between Sindro of the second generation of Arch-agents and the Greek Gods, Zeus was persuaded into agreeing to a non-aggression pact with the Middle Kingdom, considering that the Greek Gods were in no position to fight against the Middle Kingdom nor the rivaling Pantheons when their citizens began to lose faith in them. In exchange, the Middle Kingdom's forces would agree to bolster the eastern front of the DKG against the Babylonians.

The Babylonian Empire: The root of all evil, some say. The BE is ruled by pagan demon gods and Archdemons who were the first to impose slavery of the living as well as the enslavement of the dead through necromancy. The Babylonian Empire is the oldest civilization on Earth, and was the ruling power before the turn of the millennium in 0 A.D. when Archangels began to intervene directly, breaking the barrier between the supernatural and the normal worlds. Before 0 A.D. Angels and Demons were only allowed to be indirectly involved in human affairs, but with the disappearance of God, Michael had broken the promise of neutrality which led to the rise of Pantheon Ruled nations. The BE is mainly under the rule of Lucifer and his six brothers. The fight between heaven and hell that raged on for centuries and costed the lives of millions of humans soon led to the events that happen in Zep's time and era. The BE, although you can't see it on this map, extends towards out all of the middle east as well as parts of northern Africa.
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