Persona 4 PnP Sketches 4 Picture

These are some sketches of characters from Feinne's Persona PnP thread.

Name: Emi Arakawa

Arcanum: Hierophant

Appearance: (School) Shoulder-length brown hair. School outfit. Large glasses.
(Outside) Dark purple hair tied back in a ponytail. Red T-Shirt with a yin-yang symbol on it, blue jeans, black coat, red and white sneakers, much slimmer glasses, and red fingerless gloves.

General Description: Emi is the daughter of a train conductor who is never home when she is and a teacher who always is. Her mother had always stressed the importance of books, and as such, she reads them every day, especially crime novels. When she was fifteen, she went through a rebellious period where she ditched school and hung out with a local vigilante, having become obsessed with upholding the law. Although the vigilante was caught, Emi found she had come to enjoy stopping crime violently, and takes up where her mentor left off, though she aims to subdue, instead of kill, like her mentor.

She is a third year at Janus High. At school, a meek girl who doesn't stand out. Once she leaves, however, she is a silent, proud girl who won't take no poo poo from nobody. She can open up to people, and has with a few people, but she does so on her terms, and anyone trying to force her to talk will likely get the opposite result, or tossed in the garbage can. Either way is fine for her. The people she does talk to say she can be a little nerdy at times when talking about the latest detective serial or the like.

Although she looks different outside of school, she does not change her appearance to protect her identity. She likes making her mom happy, and if it takes dressing up like a loving loser to do it, then she will drat well do it. However, once she's out of the school, she ditches the loser costume, and puts on something she likes to wear.

Likes: Law, her books, reading about the balance between light and darkness.
Dislikes: Chaos, the boys at her school who can't shut their fuckin' mouth for ten seconds so she can think.

If you would like, you may also add to this entry: Her mother is a teacher at a different school. As such, she is one of the smartest kids at school (if that's allowed), because her mother makes her focus on her studies.

Starting Persona: One of the Angel Persona.
Suggested Focus: Hama and Mudo, their incarnations, and ordinary weak Bufu (as a stupid roleplayer's way to represent her "Icy" side)

-Made by Senerio


Name: Danvir Neeraj
Arcanum: Fortune
Appearance: Tall, fit, with dark skin and thick, dark hair and wide brown eyes. He obviously puts a lot of importance on his appearance, always fashionably dressed and well groomed. Keeps his hair shoulder-length and plans to keep growing it out as long as he can get away with it because 'it looks cool'.
General Description: Danvir's family is from India originally, and in the sort of business that moves them around the world constantly. Most recently they've settled in Nihil City and enrolled Danvir into Janus High. For his part, Danvir takes this surprisingly well. He's good at making friends, or at least very persistent about it, and used to the idea that things change and he probably won't be there in a year's time. As such he tends to just float through life, taking few things seriously, especially the things everyone tells him he should be: such as his grades and what he's going to do with his life when he grows up.
What he does take seriously is being a social butterfly. Danvir collects people like some people collect stamps. He genuinely likes meeting people and, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, is able to keep in touch with the friends he's had to leave behind. He's yet to have a serious girlfriend yet, though he's a big flirt and likes to date around...and yes, this has backfired on him.
Despite all this, he doesn't take criticism well. If anyone calls him out on his behavior he'll get defensive quickly. For him, no one person he meets is more important than any other...which is exactly the problem. He stretches himself too thin, and this coping method he's come up with to deal with the constant changes in his life means he'll never settle down and have just one true friend or one true love in his life.
Unless something changes again.
Likes: Talking, people, money, trying new things.
Dislikes: Solitude, schoolwork, criticism, wet blankets.

Starting Persona: ??? I'll leave this up to you Feinne, if you decide to use him. But I was thinking something from Hindu or Buddhist mythology.
Suggested Focus: Jack of all trades?

-Made by PurpleSyrup
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